Our Scientific Resources for COVID-19, Nutrition, and Health

Published on: Apr 9 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, isolation, and stay-at-home orders can have a substantial impact on personal mental and physical well-being, and is also influencing changes in the food and beverage industry. Here are our resources to support our visitors during this time. This page will be updated weekly so check back for new resources.


Nutrition science for physical and mental wellness

Mood and mental health

Woman holding mug of teaFood & Mood: Exploring the Science Behind Nutrition’s Role in Mental Wellness

Older adults

Maintaining Healthy Muscles and Mobility in Older Adults During Social Distancing

The Role of Food in Maintaining Immune Health in Ageing

Nutrients for immunity

Close up of almondsImmunity Nutrients At-A-Glance: Zinc

Immunity Nutrients At-A-Glance: Selenium

Immunity Ingredients At-A-Glance: Probiotics

Immunity and Nutrition Toolkit

Personal well-being during COVID-19 isolation

COVID Isolation: Expert Advice for your Nutrition and Health

Quarantine Comfort Food: Healthy Hacks and the Science Behind Them

Image showing healthy tips from experts on how to improve comfort foods to make them healthier

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