On-Demand Webinar – Postbiotics in Focus

Deep dive into the world of biotics and the microbiome. This webinar looks to explore the science behind postbiotics, along with the potential role postbiotics can play as a vehicle to meet consumer needs in not only digestive health, but beyond this to other areas of consumer interest, such as immune and cognitive health. The… Read more »

On-Demand Webinar: Solving Sodium – Insights, Science & Strategies to Help You Navigate the Salt Space

 KHNI’s webinar titled “Solving Sodium – Insights, Science & Strategies to help you navigate the salt space,” provided unique perspectives and current global initiatives surrounding sodium reduction in food/beverages. Excessive sodium intake is linked to an estimated 1.89 million cardiovascular disease related deaths each year. The global average sodium intake is more than double… Read more »

On-Demand Webinar: Innovating for Women’s Health

 KHNI’s webinar titled “Innovating for Women’s Health: Optimizing Wellness across Lifestages,” provided invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities for innovation in the women’s health market. Experts in the fields of health, wellness, nutrition, food, beverage, and supplements addressed key questions and shared the latest advancements in research and technology. According to recent research… Read more »

Webinar – Fermentation: Will the Past Power the Future?

Microbial fermentation has been used for years in the food industry to produce ingredients such as enzymes and in the biopharma industry. The transformative capability of microbial fermentation is deeply rooted in human history, with evidence showing humans have been leveraging fermentation for more than 5000 years. Will fermentation, the oldest food processing technique, power the future of the food industry?

Webinar – Sustainable Nutrition: Tackling Taste Challenges

Addressing sustainable nutrition is top-of-mind globally, but optimising for nutrition and sustainability can impact taste of foods and beverages. Learn about the role of taste science in tackling challenges that come with sustainable nutrition initiatives like sugar reduction and plant-based eating.

Webinar – Fermented Foods: Stacking Up the Science

This program qualifies for Certified Food Scientist (CFS) recertification contact hours (CH). CFS Certificants may claim a maximum of 1.0 CH for their participation in this program. For more information, please visit ift.org/certification or email ifscc@ift.org. Fermented foods have appeared on countless food and nutrition trends lists this year, seemingly rocketing to a top industry… Read more »

Webinar – Calorie Reduction: Formulating for Sensory Success

Read a webinar summary in the article “Calorie reduction to become a “critical component” of future food design“. Consumers are often unaware of the energy density of the foods they consume, making them vulnerable to excess calorie consumption.  As a result, initiatives to reduce the number of calories in foods and beverages are emerging globally, either voluntarily… Read more »

Webinar – Digestive Health: Know Your Ingredients

Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Consumers across all psychographics and life-stages are seeking better digestive wellness. Weighing the evidence on claims and technologies is the best way to know what benefits you’re offering consumers.  In this webinar, learn about established claims, dive into what consumers are seeking out in each region, and get a crash… Read more »

Webinar – Better Beverages: The Future is Nutrition

Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Topics & Speakers Unlocking the Power of Phytochemicals – Beverages that Pack a Punch – Lisa Ryan, PhD, RNutr, Head of Department of Natural Sciences, GMIT Identifying the Opportunities Behind Nutritional Beverages Using Sensory and Nutritional Sciences– Benedict Lawlor, PhD, Director of Sensory, Consumer & Analytical Sciences, Kerry… Read more »

Webinar – Sugar Reduction: Formulating for Success

Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Speakers Sugar Reduction Around the World – Consumer, Health & Legislation Demands: Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr, Nutrition Science Manager, Kerry Overcoming the Complexities of Reduced Sugar: Ashley Baker, VP RD&A, Kerry  In a world that loves sugar’s familiar qualities…where do you start for its successful reduction? Sugar ranks at the… Read more »

Webinar – Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

 Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Speakers What’s Driving the Clean Label Movement? Practical Insights – Joseph Borchardt, Strategic Marketing Director, Kerry Nutrition & Healthy Food: Behind the Label – Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, RD&A Scientist, Nutrition, Kerry Healthy eating has never been more talked about, and the ‘free-from’ trend has been dominating… Read more »

Webinar – Plant Proteins: Overcoming Inherent Hurdles

View “Plant Proteins – Overcoming Inherent Hurdles” sponsored by the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute at this link. Summary As mainstream consumers become more aware of protein’s benefits in supporting active lifestyles, muscle health, weight wellness and cardiometabolic health, they are fueling demand for protein, and interest in plant proteins is also rising. The market… Read more »