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Published on: Jan 2 2019

What better way to start 2019 than reflecting on some of our readers’ favorite content from 2018? It’s no surprise that our most popular content is aligned with top nutrition trends in 2018, like digestive wellness, beverages redefined, and clean label. Be sure to check out our updated 10 Key Health and Nutrition Trends for 2019 page and stay tuned for more great articles where we align these trends with science-based content straight from the experts!

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Most read articles

  1. Why is Lecithin in my Food? An Overview of Emulsifiers by Marielle Y. Kouassi, BS
  2. Are Fermented Foods the Same as Probiotics? by Mary Ellen Sanders, PhD
  3. Fermented Ingredients for Natural Preservation by Jennifer Wasieleski, MS
  4. Comparing Nutrition of Cow’s Milk to Plant-Based Alternatives by Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD
  5. Your Guide to the Gut-Brain Axis by Suja Senan, PhD

Most shared article

Probiotics: Dispelling Myths.

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Most popular webinar

Better Beverages: The Future is Nutrition

Our experts focus on up-and-coming ingredients in nutrition science that we’re beginning to see in beverages, like baobab and anthocyanins, and also discuss how to bring nutrition-focused beverages to life with food and sensory science.


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