Webinar – Better Beverages: The Future is Nutrition

Published on: Jul 3 2018

Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary)

Topics & Speakers

Unlocking the Power of Phytochemicals – Beverages that Pack a Punch – Lisa Ryan, PhD, RNutr, Head of Department of Natural Sciences, GMIT

Identifying the Opportunities Behind Nutritional Beverages Using Sensory and Nutritional Sciences– Benedict Lawlor, PhD, Director of Sensory, Consumer & Analytical Sciences, Kerry

Nutrition science is making itself heard in the beverage category. Protein coffees, probiotic juices, and turmeric teas are common sightings as demand for convenient, functional foods increases with consumers. This leaves many of us asking the questions like:

“What is the future of nutrition for beverages?”, or “How can products continue to be differentiated?”

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  1. Emerging nutrition ingredients
  2. Improving satiety using sensory science
  3. Incorporating functional benefits

Infographic showing level of evidence supporting different phytochemicals, and sensory factors to consider when creating beverages

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