Nutrition & Exercise Toolbox

Published on: Jun 4 2018

Whether it is for casual exercisers, weekend warriors, or elite athletes, nutrition plays an essential role in exercise performance and health. Wondering how? Check out our extensive resources on the topic!

The basics of nutrition for performance and exercise


It’s hard to skip over protein science in the discussion of nutrition and exercise. Here are some excellent resources on protein’s role in muscle & exercise


Did you know exercise has a strong link with our immunity? Read our blog “Why Don’t Athletes Shake hands in the Olympic Village?”

Ingredients that support the immune system can help athletes avoid gaps in training due to illness. For example, Wellmune has been shown to provide immune support for general fitness.


Ketones are an alternative fuel source for our bodies, and the driver of the ketogenic diet. Read The Role of Ketones in Athletic Performance to find out more.

Deeper Dives

Man tying shoe

If you want to know more about how nutrition and exercise interact, these resources from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) are excellent resources:

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Wondering how to get these nutrition benefits into market-driven food consumers will purchase?

Knowing the science is only part of the puzzle in creating successful products. To be successful, a product must also be convenient, communicate the benefit message in a way consumers understand, and comply with regulations. Here are some resources that can help take the science to the next step.

Incorporating ingredients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals to aid optimal performance can often impact flavor. For example, ketones, an alternative fuel source for our body, have been flagged as ‘truly revolting’ by even the most dedicated athletes. Leucine, the amino acid that is essential in promoting muscle synthesis, has a nearly unbearable bitter taste on its own. Check out these links from our taste section to see how taste can pair with nutrition to deliver benefits consumers love to consume.

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