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Processed Meats & Health – A Q&A With Our Nutrition Experts

Author(s): Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr & Aoife Murphy, PhD

Media coverage on the role of red and processed meat in a healthy diet is a constant back and forth between claims it will cause cancer to claims it can improve health.  We sat down with two of our nutrition experts, Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr and Aoife Murphy, PhD, to see what their guidance would… Read more »


Changing Prices to Improve Health: Beyond Sugar Taxes

Sugar taxes have seen news coverage in recent years as a way to decrease sugar intake, but a new study found potential merit for additional price changes to improve health. A study from Tufts University published in BMC Medicine found that changing the price on 7 foods by 10% could prevent an estimated 23,000 deaths per… Read more »