Whole Grains At-A-Glance

Published on: Oct 8 2019

Whole grains are consistently linked to health benefits, yet few people around the world eat enough of them. Only 8% of adults in the United States meet their recommended intake, for example.

Wheat grains

The International Food Information Council recently published a great summary on whole grains that answers key questions like:

  • What makes a whole grain ‘whole’?
  • How many whole grains are people eating?
  • What are their health benefits for:
    • Heart health
    • Weight managemnet
    • Cancer prevention
    • Glycemic control
    • Gut health
  • How can we identify whole grain foods?
  • Strategies for eating more whole grains

These insights are key for the food and beverage industry to learn new ways to incorporate whole grains into foods and beverages, as well as what benefits to communicate to consumers.

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