On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Sustainable Nutrition

Published on: Mar 13 2024

KHNI has determined that Sustainable Nutrition is a key Mega Trend shaping the industry in 2024. Food is at the heart of one of the biggest challenges of our time – how do we feed a growing population whilst managing the accelerated environmental degradation of our planet? We urgently need to find solutions.

It is important that everyone in the world has a right to eat balanced, healthy and nutritious food. At the same time, we need to make food consumption and production choices that reconcile the limited natural resources we have on our planet to feed everyone. We need sustainable nutrition. Sustainable Nutrition promotes health and wellbeing; has a low environmental impact; is accessible, affordable, safe and equitable; and is culturally acceptable.

In this webinar titled “Understanding Sustainable Nutrition“, experts provided invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities for innovation around sustainability and nutrition. This compelling panel discussion with experts on Sustainable Nutrition representing Academia, Food manufacturing, Digital Solutions and Innovation start-ups, aims to shed light on this multifaceted challenge. Be a part of the conversation that helps define key areas of opportunity in which leaders from across the food industry are working together to solve this crucial issue now and for the future.


Our Expert Panel:

Jack Bobo – Director of the University of Nottingham’s Food Systems Institute.

Prior to joining the Institute, Jack served as the Director of Global Food and Water Policy at The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and as the CEO of Futurity, a food foresight company. He is the author of the 2021 book ‘Why smart people make bad food choices.’ Recognized by Scientific American as one of the 100 most influential people in biotechnology, he also served as the Chief Communications Officer and SVP for Global Policy at Intrexon Corporation and as a senior advisor for food policy at the U.S. Department of State. A global thought leader, Jack has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches in 50 countries on the future of food. Degrees include: J.D. in Law, M.S. in Environmental Science, B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Psychology and Chemistry.

Juan Aguiriano – Group Head of Sustainability, Technology Ventures, Kerry Group

Juan Aguiriano is a corporate sustainability pioneer with over 30 years’ experience leading businesses and working at C-suite level at some of the world’s biggest food, chemical and fibers companies to provide strategic guidance in helping develop and implement innovative strategies to transform businesses and operations towards triple-bottom line sustainability. Currently leading the sustainability strategy at the Kerry Group, a world leader in Taste and Nutrition, Juan is focused on creating significant, positive impact on the environment and society, by driving businesses’ sustainability leadership. Expert in corporate strategies for sustainability, risk management, business innovations and organizational change, as well as stakeholder engagement and communications, Juan has worked with executives in some of the world’s top 500 corporations, to transform the way they do business, and ensure they are incorporating societal and environmental criteria in their values, behaviors, strategies and business decision making. Juan is also focused on disruptive and emerging sustainable technology ventures investments, partnerships and collaborations which have the potential to transform existing markets, products and value chains in profitable and sustainable ways. Juan has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and a Master’s degree in Economics and Business from the University of Texas at Austin in the United States. He also has furthered his competences in strategy and sustainability in several executive leadership programs at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland and IESE, Barcelona, Spain. He speaks five languages fluently.

Beatriz Jacoste – Director of KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub

Beatriz is driven by a passion for creating a delicious and resilient food future for all. She works with companies, organizations, and investors to push forward breakthrough solutions. She has travelled around the globe meeting “food heroes”: farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers, transforming the way we eat. She has built food education programs to raise awareness in young generations. At KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, she oversees the strategy of the organization and manages the manages the relations with partners and global opinion leaders of the Squad. Through Ftalks Food Summit, the organization manages to bring together these voices to inspire change and create impactful synergies. The mission is to assist startups, corporations, institutions and people operating in the food system, to become futureproof through investment, partnerships, strategy, and the Fooduristic multimedia platform. She is a known industry leader with frequent publications and speaking engagements. Areas of expertise: business development, world-class industry network, partnership strategies. Speaker. Specialties: food systems transformation, innovation, alternative protein, future of retail, digitalization, resilient production, consumer trends.

João Brites – Director of Growth & Innovation, HowGood

João is an entrepreneur, breakdancer, agroforester, and recreational scuba diver who has lived in Portugal, Mexico, United States, Brazil and Spain (his current home). Currently, João is Director of Growth & Innovation at HowGood, a Sustainability Intelligence Platform with the world’s largest food product sustainability database. Prior to HowGood, João worked as Global Director of Sustainable Development at AB InBev and co-founded initiatives like Movimento Transformers, the Amazon Summer School, and Carbono Biodiverso. João is the recipient of Nova’s Impactful Alumni Award, the Do Something Ambassador Award, and was one of the world’s youngest participants at the WEF in Davos through the Global Changemakers Program. João holds a M.S. in Economics and a CEMS Masters in International Management from Nova SBE, a Diploma in GHG Accounting by the GHG Management Institute and serves on the board of SOCIALinNOVA-HUB ERA Chair.

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