Top Health and Nutrition Articles of 2020

Published on: Jan 4 2021

2020 brought a lot of surprises for the areas of food, health, and nutrition. It changed the topics people wanted to learn about, foods people shopped for, prepared, and ate, and how each of us chose to cope with stress. Most importantly, it had many of us searching for science-based answers to many of our questions about health and nutrition. For our readers, this meant that our science-based resources on immunity, plant-based eating, and mental wellness were at the forefront of our most-read health and nutrition articles of 2020.

Our most-read health and nutrition articles of 2020

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1. COVID Isolation: Expert Advice for your Nutrition and Health

The nutrition, exercise, and food preparation tips from our experts were welcome to readers as COVID-related lockdowns began in the spring of 2020, and are still relevant as the pandemic continues. Read this article for a refresher on wellness tips as 2021 begins.

Woman holding mug of tea2. Food & Mood: Exploring the Science Behind Nutrition’s Role in Mental Wellness

Managing mood, energy, and sleep are some of the top concerns people have when it comes to diet, and scientific research in the area of food and mood is ever advancing. Many nutrients and dietary patterns have been linked with our neurological state. This article explores the latest scientific evidence.

3. Does the Keto Diet Help Endurance Athletes?

The ketogenic diet focuses on reducing carbohydrate intake, but how does that impact exercise performance? Read about the science of keto for athletes.

4. Immunity Nutrients At-A-Glance: Zinc

Our Immunity Nutrients At-A-Glance series aimed to bring you trusted information on how different nutrients and ingredients can support the immune system, answering questions many of us had amidst the COVID pandemic. Read the full series here: Immune System Nutrition – Science-At-A-Glance.

Chia seeds 5. Nutrition for Plant-based Diets: Managing Nutrient Intake and Bioavailability

Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular, but not all sources of nutrients are the same. Animal-based foods like milk or meat are rich sources of certain essential nutrients that are easily absorbed by the human body. These same nutrients are present in many plants but can sometimes be less available to the human body to digest and absorb. This science review looks at nutrients lacking in plant-based diets, which nutrients are less bioavailable from plants, and how we can improve bioavailability by cooking and processing.

Top Nutrition Articles of 2020 More content like these nutrition articles: Ten Key Health and Nutrition Trends for This Year

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