Why are Research Partnerships Essential to Innovation? (Video)

Published on: Oct 18 2017

Innovation light bulb

The most cutting edge nutrition and food science research around the globe is conducted in university laboratories, but did you ever wonder what happens to this research once it’s published in a journal? Who uses it? Does it just collect dust? How do the benefits shown in the research make it to consumers?

Or do you wonder how food and beverage companies decide what nutrients to put into products? Is science even involved in the process?

Hear straight from university and industry researchers about the benefits of partnership for advancing science and health in this video.

Partnerships between university researchers and scientists in the food and beverage industry are essential to drive innovation. For the industry, this partnership provides new insights into good science coming down the pipeline, identifies new ingredients to put into food that delivers health benefits to consumers, and can help frame an innovation pipeline spanning multiple years. For university researchers, the partnership provides the opportunity to bring their research to life in real products that reach consumers.

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