Mediterranean Diet May Help Retain Brain Volume As We Age

Published on: Mar 9 2017

It is common for us to lose some of our brain mass as we age into our later years. This is sometimes referred to as brain atrophy and signals possible loss in our cognitive abilities. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have found there’s a possibility that dietary choices can help us retain brain volume as we age.

Find the link to the study here

The researchers studied brain volumes of men 73-76 years old over a 3-year period and found that men who consumed a Mediterranean-type diet retained more of their brain volume over the 3-year period than men who did not.

Frequent consumption of fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish, olive oil, legumes, and whole grains, as well as limited consumption of meats, are the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet. The diet has received positive attention for its role in protecting heart health. Read more about the diet here.




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