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Low-Calorie Beverages – Overcoming Challenges Using Sensory Science

Author(s): Peter Lee, PhD, Vikash Malik, PhD

Low-calorie beverages can be an important part of addressing high sugar and calorie intake, but many products do not succeed because key sensory factors are not addressed beyond sweetness. Tools from sensory and analytical sciences can be key to building back mouthfeel in beverages which have reduced levels of sugar.


Fiber Can Improve Weight Loss and Diet Adherence

A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition has found that during weight loss, those who increase their fiber intake the most lost the most weight and are also able to stick to their recommended diet plan more effectively than people who do not increase their fiber intake. In the POUNDS Lost (Preventing Overweight… Read more »


Intermittent Fasting Can Work, But Not a Magic Bullet

Intermittent fasting, a weight loss strategy which involves greatly restricting food intake on certain days of the week, has gained a lot of attention recently. In a recent article on Food and Nutrition, dietitian Taylor Wolfram explored the science behind intermittent fasting and found that it probably isn’t the magic bullet everyone is looking for, but… Read more »


MCTs and Coconut Oil for Weight: What Does Science Say?

Author(s): Rebecca Kinsella, MS

In the past decade, foods like coconut oil and bulletproof coffee have been in the headlines of countless nutrition news articles. One of the most common questions dietitians get asked is “what’s the truth about coconut oil, is it healthy?”. Scientific studies have shown that consuming certain types of dietary fats can reduce the amount… Read more »