On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Sustainable Nutrition

 KHNI has determined that Sustainable Nutrition is a key Mega Trend shaping the industry in 2024. Food is at the heart of one of the biggest challenges of our time – how do we feed a growing population whilst managing the accelerated environmental degradation of our planet? We urgently need to find solutions. It… Read more »


Reducing Food Waste: Benefits and Key Areas of Focus

Author(s): Orla Brady, MSc

With the global population predicted to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050, there is increased focus on sustainable food production to meet rising demand worldwide. One major consideration is how food production contributes to food waste and how food waste impacts the world. In this article, we take a holistic and collaborative approach to understanding… Read more »


The Environmental Impact of Sugar Reduction

Author(s): Ben Majkszak, BS and Massimo Barbeni, PhD

Over 170 million tonnes of sugar are consumed annually, resulting in increased risk of obesity and chronic disease for many as well as production of substantial CO2 emissions, land, and water use. Sugar alternatives that can improve both health and sustainability outcomes can be an important tool for the future health of the planet.


Webinar – Sustainable Nutrition: Tackling Taste Challenges

Addressing sustainable nutrition is top-of-mind globally, but optimising for nutrition and sustainability can impact taste of foods and beverages. Learn about the role of taste science in tackling challenges that come with sustainable nutrition initiatives like sugar reduction and plant-based eating.


Webinar – Plant-based Protein Future: Myths and Realities

In this webinar, learn: How we can optimize plant based protein for taste and nutrition – what we do and don’t know about healthy diets and the role of protein sources How we can optimize new plant-based proteins for the environment – highlighting the trade-offs and unknowns of plant-based protein development Which new protein sources… Read more »


3 Hidden Challenges of ‘Natural’ Foods: Waste, Safety, and Appearance

Author(s): Emma Cahill, BSc, MSc

Conscious consumers want to feel that a food or beverage aligns with their beliefs, which has led to a push for claims like ‘free from artificial colors or preservatives’, ‘organic’, and ‘made with natural ingredients’. Consumers who seek foods that they perceive as natural and healthy don’t offer the industry a consistent definition of what… Read more »


Dietitians Provide 9 Ways to Repurpose Food Waste

In a recent article, dietitians weigh in on ways to reduce food waste in the kitchen. Food waste continues to be a major concern globally, and consumers are catching on. Although the list below is targeted toward ways individuals can reduce food waste in their kitchens, they provide some insights into strategies for foodservice or… Read more »


Webinar – Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

 Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Speakers What’s Driving the Clean Label Movement? Practical Insights – Joseph Borchardt, Strategic Marketing Director, Kerry Nutrition & Healthy Food: Behind the Label – Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, RD&A Scientist, Nutrition, Kerry Healthy eating has never been more talked about, and the ‘free-from’ trend has been dominating… Read more »


Webinar – Plant Proteins: Overcoming Inherent Hurdles

View “Plant Proteins – Overcoming Inherent Hurdles” sponsored by the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute at this link. Summary As mainstream consumers become more aware of protein’s benefits in supporting active lifestyles, muscle health, weight wellness and cardiometabolic health, they are fueling demand for protein, and interest in plant proteins is also rising. The market… Read more »