Sodium Reduction


On-Demand Webinar: Solving Sodium – Insights, Science & Strategies to Help You Navigate the Salt Space

 KHNI’s webinar titled “Solving Sodium – Insights, Science & Strategies to help you navigate the salt space,” provided unique perspectives and current global initiatives surrounding sodium reduction in food/beverages. Excessive sodium intake is linked to an estimated 1.89 million cardiovascular disease related deaths each year. The global average sodium intake is more than double… Read more »


Challenges and Opportunities in Sodium Reformulation

Sodium content is one of the major topics of interest when it comes to discussions about packaged foods. One one hand, it has important roles in food preservation, safety, and taste. On the other hand, global organizations like the World Health Organization, as well as national regulatory bodies, are calling for reduction of sodium in… Read more »


Updated Dietary Reference Intakes for Sodium and Potassium

In March of 2019, the National Academy of Medicine has updated the Dietary References Intakes (DRI) for sodium and potassium last established in 2005. The DRI for potassium has decreased, while sodium has an entirely new recommendation category. The Dietary Reference Intakes are science-based nutrition recommendations created by the National Academy of Medicine and in… Read more »


How Important is Fat for Sugar and Salt Reduction?

Could fat be the key to maintaining flavor when modifying sugar or salt levels in food? A new study in the journal Food Quality and Preference explores the impact fat content has on liking of soups and custards with varying levels of fat, sugar, and salt content. Researchers provided study participants either creamy tomato soup… Read more »


Using Natural Flavors to Deliver Taste with Nutrition

Author(s): Celia Chee, MS

The Role of Flavors in Nutrition With busy lifestyles, many consumers are relying on the food industry for convenient and affordable sources for meals. There is a big emphasis not only on the cost and nutritional value of these options, but also on the taste and eating experience from the purchased items. Flavors play an… Read more »


Have Consumers Changed How Much Sodium They Purchase?

Reducing sodium intake to promote vascular health has been a key public health initiative for decades. Awareness campaigns and reduction in sodium content of packaged foods by food manufacturers have been the main strategies of this public health initiative. In a recent study, researchers at the University of North Carolina asked the question “Did the… Read more »