The Role of Enzymes in Food

Author(s): Niall Higgins, PhD, Billy Ryan, PhD, and Josh Taylor, PhD

Enzymes are used in food processing as a natural way to improve nutrition and texture. Learn about their importance in plant-based foods, infant formula, and more.


Flavour Masking Challenges in Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Author(s): Peter Lee, PhD

Plant-based meat alternatives often have challenges with off-tastes like bitter, earthy, beany, astringent, and green. Understanding the chemistry and source of off-notes can help mask them efficiently without negatively impacting the nutrition.


Active Ageing – How Can We Optimise Plant Proteins?

Author(s): Ryan Hazlett, MSc

Plant proteins are seen as key to the future of the planet, but they may have some limitations for active ageing. This article reviews actionable strategies such as processing, protein blending, or targeting leucine content that can improve the ability of plant proteins to promote active ageing.


Webinar – Sustainable Nutrition: Tackling Taste Challenges

Addressing sustainable nutrition is top-of-mind globally, but optimising for nutrition and sustainability can impact taste of foods and beverages. Learn about the role of taste science in tackling challenges that come with sustainable nutrition initiatives like sugar reduction and plant-based eating.


Top Health and Nutrition Articles of 2020

2020 brought a lot of surprises for the areas of food, health, and nutrition. It changed the topics people wanted to learn about, foods people shopped for, prepared, and ate, and how each of us chose to cope with stress. Most importantly, it had many of us searching for science-based answers to many of our… Read more »


Webinar – Plant-based Protein Future: Myths and Realities

In this webinar, learn: How we can optimize plant based protein for taste and nutrition – what we do and don’t know about healthy diets and the role of protein sources How we can optimize new plant-based proteins for the environment – highlighting the trade-offs and unknowns of plant-based protein development Which new protein sources… Read more »


Soy’s Role in Health

Author(s): Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD and Michael Kemp, PhD, RD

Soy has received more attention in the past few years due to the growing popularity of plant protein and plant-based diets. However, there have also been mixed messages about soy in the media over the past few decades, which leaves many people confused about soy’s role in health. “Is soy unhealthy or healthy?” is the… Read more »


Your Favorite Nutrition, Food, and Health Articles of 2019

Our most popular content among our readers in 2019 reflects what we do best: digging into the science behind the most popular trends in nutrition, food, and health. Most-read articles from 2019 1. Nutritional Benefits of Plant Proteins Taking Root with Consumers The plant-based trend continues to surge, so it’s no surprise this article topped… Read more »


Where Do Fibers Come From and What Role Do They Have in Food and Health?

Author(s): Bryan Le, MA

Dietary fiber has become an important functional ingredient in recent times due to growing consumer interest in the many health benefits of fiber touted by the scientific community (Anderson 2009).  Fiber has been recently defined by the FDA as “non-digestible soluble and insoluble carbohydrates (with three or more monomeric units) and lignin that are intrinsic… Read more »


MCTs and Coconut Oil for Weight: What Does Science Say?

Author(s): Rebecca Kinsella, MS

In the past decade, foods like coconut oil and bulletproof coffee have been in the headlines of countless nutrition news articles. One of the most common questions dietitians get asked is “what’s the truth about coconut oil, is it healthy?”. Scientific studies have shown that consuming certain types of dietary fats can reduce the amount… Read more »