The Environmental Impact of Sugar Reduction

Author(s): Ben Majkszak, BS and Massimo Barbeni, PhD

Over 170 million tonnes of sugar are consumed annually, resulting in increased risk of obesity and chronic disease for many as well as production of substantial CO2 emissions, land, and water use. Sugar alternatives that can improve both health and sustainability outcomes can be an important tool for the future health of the planet.


3 Hidden Challenges of ‘Natural’ Foods: Waste, Safety, and Appearance

Author(s): Emma Cahill, BSc, MSc

Conscious consumers want to feel that a food or beverage aligns with their beliefs, which has led to a push for claims like ‘free from artificial colors or preservatives’, ‘organic’, and ‘made with natural ingredients’. Consumers who seek foods that they perceive as natural and healthy don’t offer the industry a consistent definition of what… Read more »


Processed Meats & Health – A Q&A With Our Nutrition Experts

Author(s): Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr & Aoife Murphy, PhD

Media coverage on the role of red and processed meat in a healthy diet is a constant back and forth between claims it will cause cancer to claims it can improve health.  We sat down with two of our nutrition experts, Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr and Aoife Murphy, PhD, to see what their guidance would… Read more »


Is 3D Printing the Future of Personalized Nutrition?

Author(s): Bryan Le, MA

Personalized nutrition has been around for a long time, but technology has brought it mainstream Dietitians have been doing personalized nutrition counseling for decades, but evolution of technologies and interest in food has brought personalized nutrition to the mainstream spotlight. This began with diet and activity trackers like MyFitnessPal, but has evolved to programs like… Read more »


Webinar – Sugar Reduction: Formulating for Success

Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Speakers Sugar Reduction Around the World – Consumer, Health & Legislation Demands: Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr, Nutrition Science Manager, Kerry Overcoming the Complexities of Reduced Sugar: Ashley Baker, VP RD&A, Kerry  In a world that loves sugar’s familiar qualities…where do you start for its successful reduction? Sugar ranks at the… Read more »


The Link Between Processed Foods and Nutrition

Trends in the food and beverage industry are moving more and more toward the idea of ‘natural’, including eating less processed food. This can leave many of us wondering ‘what is the role of processed food for my nutrition?’ A scientific statement in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled Processed foods: contributions to nutrition… Read more »


Changing Prices to Improve Health: Beyond Sugar Taxes

Sugar taxes have seen news coverage in recent years as a way to decrease sugar intake, but a new study found potential merit for additional price changes to improve health. A study from Tufts University published in BMC Medicine found that changing the price on 7 foods by 10% could prevent an estimated 23,000 deaths per… Read more »


Vegans vs Omnivores – Who Has Healthier Behaviors?

Do vegans have healthier eating and health behaviors than omnivores? A recent study in the journal Appetite found that health behaviors don’t differ much between them. People who choose to be vegans (not consume any animal products) could choose to do so for reasons ranging from ethical to health-related. However, there isn’t much research to… Read more »