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3 Hidden Challenges of ‘Natural’ Foods: Waste, Safety, and Appearance

Author(s): Emma Cahill, BSc, MSc

Conscious consumers want to feel that a food or beverage aligns with their beliefs, which has led to a push for claims like ‘free from artificial colors or preservatives’, ‘organic’, and ‘made with natural ingredients’. Consumers who seek foods that they perceive as natural and healthy don’t offer the industry a consistent definition of what… Read more »


Dietitians Provide 9 Ways to Repurpose Food Waste

In a recent article, dietitians weigh in on ways to reduce food waste in the kitchen. Food waste continues to be a major concern globally, and consumers are catching on. Although the list below is targeted toward ways individuals can reduce food waste in their kitchens, they provide some insights into strategies for foodservice or… Read more »