Food Science


The Future of Food Powered by Advancements in Enzyme Technology

The future of food production relies on significant advances in microbiology, bioprocessing, enzyme technology and artificial intelligence, in order to feed a growing population, set to reach almost 10 billion people by 2050, while also reducing the negative impacts of food production on the planet. Recent advances in synthetic biotechnological processes such as precision fermentation… Read more »


The Role of Enzymes in Food

Author(s): Niall Higgins, PhD, Billy Ryan, PhD, and Josh Taylor, PhD

Enzymes are used in food processing as a natural way to improve nutrition and texture. Learn about their importance in plant-based foods, infant formula, and more.


3 Hidden Challenges of ‘Natural’ Foods: Waste, Safety, and Appearance

Author(s): Emma Cahill, BSc, MSc

Conscious consumers want to feel that a food or beverage aligns with their beliefs, which has led to a push for claims like ‘free from artificial colors or preservatives’, ‘organic’, and ‘made with natural ingredients’. Consumers who seek foods that they perceive as natural and healthy don’t offer the industry a consistent definition of what… Read more »


Three Tips to Help You Be a Better Science Communicator

Author(s): Liran Christine Shan, PhD

Success of a scientist can hinge on how well we can communicate what we know Serving on scientific or government panels, being approached by media for expert opinions, explaining a technology or product to a sales team or prospective clients, giving a talk at a public education event, writing a blog article or social media… Read more »


Superfoods of the Future may be from Labs, not Fields

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has made strides in developing plant-based food using plant cell culture (PCC) rather than cultivating it from traditional farming methods. Feeding the world’s growing population is a common agricultural concern due to a limited amount of arable farmland globally. New methods of producing food, like PCC, have promise since… Read more »


Webinar – Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

 Summary (scroll down for an infographic summary) Speakers What’s Driving the Clean Label Movement? Practical Insights – Joseph Borchardt, Strategic Marketing Director, Kerry Nutrition & Healthy Food: Behind the Label – Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, RD&A Scientist, Nutrition, Kerry Healthy eating has never been more talked about, and the ‘free-from’ trend has been dominating… Read more »


Highlights from the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo 2017

Author(s): Jenna Mills, MS, RD

Every year at the Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE), professionals in food and nutrition gather for the latest and greatest in both nutrition science and industry trends.  FNCE took place at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL on October 20-23rd, marking the centennial year of the event hosted by the Academy of Nutrition… Read more »