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On-Demand Webinar: Solving Sodium – Insights, Science & Strategies to Help You Navigate the Salt Space

 KHNI’s webinar titled “Solving Sodium – Insights, Science & Strategies to help you navigate the salt space,” provided unique perspectives and current global initiatives surrounding sodium reduction in food/beverages. Excessive sodium intake is linked to an estimated 1.89 million cardiovascular disease related deaths each year. The global average sodium intake is more than double… Read more »


Fermented Ingredients for Natural Preservation

Author(s): Jennifer Wasieleski, M.S.

The food industry is constantly innovating to find clean label alternatives for food protection, allowing the removal of commonly used chemical preservatives from their products, such as sorbic acid, calcium propionate and sodium nitrite while still maintaining the functionality of those ingredients. The challenges that must be overcome when removing or replacing ingredients are substantial… Read more »