Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: What Does Science Say?

Author(s): Monica Olivarez Martin, PhD, Crisdell Codeghini MS, BPharm, Izaskun Monslave, PhD, MBA

We summarize the science of the varied roles of omega-3 fats in health, how much people consume, and the difference between fish and algal sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids.


What Does Energy Really Mean?

Author(s): Heather Nelson Cortes, PhD

Energy can mean physical energy from calories, stimulation from caffeine, or mental focus from ingredients like adaptogens. Finding the best solution means knowing which benefit different consumers are looking for during each time of day.


KHNI Q Science Shorts – Exploring the Science of Mood and Food

Author(s): Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD

How can the foods we eat influence our mood? Has science been able to explain a link between food and mood? In this KHNI Q Science Short, Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD answers these questions and more. KHNI Q is a video series where scientific experts demystify the science behind healthier food.


Your Guide to the Gut-Brain Axis

Author(s): Suja Senan, PhD

Long before we knew about a gut-brain axis, people have experienced events that impact both their brain and their bowels. For me, one I recall quite vividly is waiting for my name to be announced at a public speaking event. While I waited, all that I could think of was “should I fight it out… Read more »


MCTs and Coconut Oil for Weight: What Does Science Say?

Author(s): Rebecca Kinsella, MS

In the past decade, foods like coconut oil and bulletproof coffee have been in the headlines of countless nutrition news articles. One of the most common questions dietitians get asked is “what’s the truth about coconut oil, is it healthy?”. Scientific studies have shown that consuming certain types of dietary fats can reduce the amount… Read more »