The Dairy Matrix: Beyond Individual Nutrients

Author(s): Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD

Is dairy fat healthy or unhealthy? Why do we see recommendations to reduce saturated fat intake, while at the same time see headlines from studies showing full-fat dairy may be healthy for us? The answer lies in the fact that food can often be more than the sum of its parts. Dairy, saturated fat &… Read more »


Changing Prices to Improve Health: Beyond Sugar Taxes

Sugar taxes have seen news coverage in recent years as a way to decrease sugar intake, but a new study found potential merit for additional price changes to improve health. A study from Tufts University published in BMC Medicine found that changing the price on 7 foods by 10% could prevent an estimated 23,000 deaths per… Read more »


A Snapshot of Diabetes in the United States

Diabetes is a challenging condition that has far-reaching effects beyond physical health. Managing the condition requires constant attention to what someone must eat, which can impact mental and social health, too. The infographic below from the US Center for Disease Control is an at-a-glance snapshot of what diabetes is, who if affects, and how it… Read more »