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Consumer Attitudes Toward Calorie Reduction

Author(s): Aisling Aherne, PhD, RNutr & Nanette Solan, PhD

There’s a global focus on reducing calories in foods to improve consumer health, but one question many have is ‘which products do we focus on?’ Kerry’s recent study, ConsumerFirst, revealed useful insights into calorie reduction strategies for the food and beverage industry. Specifically, the results give guidance about which product categories and sub-categories where calorie… Read more »


Consumers are Split on Coffee’s Role in Healthy Diet

A scientific review published in the journal Appetite, which focused on consumer coffee consumption, attitudes, and purchasing behavior, found consumers are split on whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy. In reviewing over 54 studies, the researchers found that belief in health benefits of coffee drove consumption for consumers in some studies, while other studies showed… Read more »