Webinar – Active Ageing: Distinct Nutrition, Distinct Innovation?

Published on: Dec 16 2019

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Did you know older adults need much more protein than younger adults to achieve the same rate of muscle growth? Maintaining muscle mass as we age is key for staying active and independent, and is one of the main considerations for ‘healthy ageing’. This webinar reviews the state of the science on protein for ageing, and looks at other emerging scientific evidence on plant-based diets, cognition, and more to find creative ways to address needs of healthy agers through product formulation.

Read a summary of the webinar from Nutrition Insight here: Can we age healthily without animal protein? Aging population presents high-protein NPD opportunity.

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Our experts

Dr Caoileann MurphyDr. Caoileann Murphy, Registered Dietitian and Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Sport and Health in University College, Dublin

Dr. Caoileann Murphy (MSc, PhD) is a Registered Dietitian and Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute of Sport and Health in University College, Dublin. Caoileann’s research investigates the role of nutrition and exercise in slowing the age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, with the goal of developing lifestyle strategies to improve healthy ageing.

Dr Aoife Marie Murphy

Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy, Nutrition Scientist, Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy (PhD) is a Nutrition Scientist at Kerry Taste & Nutrition. Aoife works with Kerry’s multi-dimensional team identifying scientific opportunities to help advance nutritional reformulation and innovation for Kerry’s customers, across Europe and Asian markets. Aoife graduated from University College Dublin with a PhD in Nutrition and has a keen interest in the role of diet on metabolic health. Before joining Kerry Aoife spent seven years in nutrition research across Ireland, UK, US and Singapore and lectured on the BSc Food & Human Nutrition degree at Newcastle University in Singapore.


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