Webinar – Proactive Health: Combining Healthy Halos and Science

Published on: Apr 29 2019


There can often be a disconnect between what consumers perceive as healthy in a food or beverage, what science shows is healthy, and what claims can be made.

How can you deliver on-trend foods with a strong health halo, while ensuring consumers get the health benefit they expect from a product?

In this webinar, we will explore answers to questions such as:

  • Which health or functional benefits (e.g. digestive health, sleep, mood) do consumers want most, from their food and beverages?
  • What are the high opportunity categories? What foods or dayparts should be the focus for different benefits?
  • Which ingredients have strong health halos among consumers for each health benefit?
  • Does scientific evidence support these healthy halo perceptions?
  • What are some innovation strategies to develop products that meet both consumer expectations as well as real health benefits through science?


Dr. Michael Kemp is a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. His areas of expertise include anti-carcinogenic properties of dietary fats, sports nutrition, and dietary supplements.

Dr. Lisa Ryan is a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from University College Cork in Ireland. Dr Ryan helped to establish the BASE (Be Active Sleep & Eat) Research Facility at the Monash University in Melbourne Australia. She is widely published in the area of functional foods. Dr Ryan also has a keen interest in Sport and Exercise Nutrition outside of her formal academic role. Current Role: Head of the Natural Sciences Department in the School of Science and Computing at GMIT.



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