Top Health and Nutrition Articles of 2022

Published on: Jan 31 2023

In 2022, our experts focused on a few of the major factors influencing the world of food, beverage, and nutrition – the microbiome, food waste, and nutrients linked to health like fibre and omega-3 fats. These nutrition articles were the most popular among our readers from our content published last year.

Our most-read health and nutrition articles of 2022

1. Acacia’s Role as a Functional Fibre

Choosing fibre sources can be difficult because different fibres have different health benefits as well as different functional properties in food. This article provides an overview of Acacia fibre, including its origin, high digestive tolerance, and examples of how it can help formulation of different foods and beverages.

2. The Significance of Enzymes in a Sustainable Food System

How are enzymes used to make food more sustainable? Learn about the importance of enzymes in reducing the environmental impact of food production of food categories like bakery, meat, fish, and brewing.

3. The Human Microbiome – Beyond Digestive Health

Although most people think about digestive health when they hear the word “microbiome”, its effects reach far beyond our digestive tract. These effects include areas of health like mood, dental health, or even exercise. On this page, our microbiome experts focus on the microbiome’s role beyond digestive health.

4. Cultivated Meat – When Cell Culture Bioprocessing Meets Food Science

What is cultivated meat and how is it made? What is the environmental impact of replacing conventionally grown meat with cultivated meat, and will it be one of the greatest human achievements to date? Kyle Probst, PhD, explores the science to find answers to these questions.

Hypothetical cultivated meat production scheme. Note – this image is a generalisation and may not reflect the actual technologies and approaches being used for cultivated meat development.


5. KHNI-Q Science Shorts – Why is Clean Label Preservation So Challenging?

Christie Cheng, BSc, a food scientist who focuses on preventing foodborne illness in our food supply, provides a peek behind the curtains of the science of food safety to help us understand why replacing traditional preservatives with clean label alternatives is so challenging, the characteristics a clean label preservative should have, and how to create and validate a successful clean label preservative.

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