Webinar – Clean Label: More Than Ingredients

Published on: Nov 10 2017

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What’s Driving the Clean Label Movement? Practical Insights – Joseph Borchardt, Strategic Marketing Director, Kerry

Nutrition & Healthy Food: Behind the Label – Nathan Pratt, PhD, RD, RD&A Scientist, Nutrition, Kerry

Raw ingredients imageHealthy eating has never been more talked about, and the ‘free-from’ trend has been dominating the consumer marketplace. Consumers are increasingly demanding foods that are free from allergens like gluten or dairy, artificial ingredients like flavors and preservatives, and any ingredients with unfamiliar names. The response of the food industry to this booming consumer demand is a ‘Clean Label’ movement. Food and beverage manufacturers in every category and channel are innovating and evolving to stay ahead of these changing consumer needs by reducing the number of ingredients on labels, removing unfamiliar ingredients, and building trust with consumers.

To consumers, though, it is about more than a clean ingredient label. Kerry has undertaken proprietary research to gain insight into what consumers want from their food and its labelling. Where do these fit into market trends? How do these expectations impact food and beverage manufacturers? We found that consumers are looking past “marketing speak” for foods that fit an expanded definition of healthy, for food they can trust, and food closer to nature.

Join us for a webinar which looks to the future of healthy eating and the impact on the food industry. See why cleaner labels may just be part of a solution for an expanded consumer definition of health, and why nutrition, social and environmental responsibility will be key to successfully meet long-term consumer needs for healthy food.

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