Personalised Nutrition: Is It All About the Microbiome and Technology?

Published on: Apr 10 2019

What sparked the conversation about personalised nutrition? To nutrition scientist Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy, two things stand out: the emergence of research on the gut microbiome alongside development of technology focused on tracking exercise and nutrition uniquely for each individual.

Hear more about Dr. Murphy’s perspective on what drives personalised nutrition, and learn her thoughts on the key to unlocking the future of the trend in this interview with Nutrition Insight.

Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD, graduated with a BSc in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Nutrigenomics from University College Dublin. Her research interests include the dietary modulation of metabolic health, epidemiology and gene-nutrient interactions. She is currently a member of Kerry’s nutrition team where she helps apply research findings to innovative ideas in the food and beverage industry.


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