KHNI Q Science Shorts – Exploring the Science of Mood and Food

Author(s): Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD

How can the foods we eat influence our mood? Has science been able to explain a link between food and mood? In this KHNI Q Science Short, Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD answers these questions and more. KHNI Q is a video series where scientific experts demystify the science behind healthier food.


Alpha-Lactalbumin: A Role in Sports Nutrition?

Could exercise performance be added to the list of potential benefits of alpha-lactalbumin, a protein already showing promise for sleep improvement and humanization of infant formula? What is Alpha-Lactalbumin? Alpha-lactalbumin (α-LA) is the major protein found in human breast milk, but is only found at low levels in cow’s milk.  This has caused the protein… Read more »