Nutrition Labeling


Updated Dietary Reference Intakes for Sodium and Potassium

In March of 2019, the National Academy of Medicine has updated the Dietary References Intakes (DRI) for sodium and potassium last established in 2005. The DRI for potassium has decreased, while sodium has an entirely new recommendation category. The Dietary Reference Intakes are science-based nutrition recommendations created by the National Academy of Medicine and in… Read more »


Perfiles Nutrimentales en la región Latinoamericana (En Español)

Perfiles Nutrimentales en la región Latinoamericana (En Español) Herramienta de oportunidad para la innovación y desarrollo de nuevos productos. Anali Lopez, MS; Estela Sanchez, BS; Isabel Martin, BS; & Lilian Charchalac, MS Resumen Con el objetivo de informar y facilitar la toma decisiones para una mejor elección de alimentos y productos en la población, desde… Read more »


Do Nutrition Claims Impact Purchase Intent?

Ever wonder if it’s worth putting nutrition claims on a product, and which consumers the claims have an effect on? A review from researchers at the University of Kassel provides some answers. The authors studied the impact of nutrition, health, and risk-reduction claims on consumer preference and purchase intent by looking at 66 studies published between… Read more »