What is New on the Organic Front in the EU?

Author(s): Marianna Domolki, BS

The production of organic foods has been regulated at European level for quite a long time, EC Regulation 834/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council (further: Regulation) laying down the principles and rules. However, since 2007 the organic farming sector of the EU has developed rapidly and as foreseen in the Regulation, a… Read more »


Clean, Natural, and Organic: A Dietitian Perspective

Clean, natural, and organic are popular words we see on food packages aimed to guide shoppers toward healthy products. In this article in the latest issue of Today’s Dietitian, health educators weigh in on the free-from trend.  Dietitians are consumers’ most trusted source of health information (2017 Food & Health Survey) and are the health professionals responsible for… Read more »