The Importance of Hydration

Author(s): Hilary McCahill, BSc, RD

The importance of hydration lies in its role in allowing the body to perform our internal processes effectively and efficiently. Learn more about hydration’s impact on physical health and mental health.


What Does Energy Really Mean?

Author(s): Heather Nelson Cortes, PhD

Energy can mean physical energy from calories, stimulation from caffeine, or mental focus from ingredients like adaptogens. Finding the best solution means knowing which benefit different consumers are looking for during each time of day.


KHNI Q Science Shorts – Exploring the Science of Mood and Food

Author(s): Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD

How can the foods we eat influence our mood? Has science been able to explain a link between food and mood? In this KHNI Q Science Short, Aoife Marie Murphy, PhD answers these questions and more. KHNI Q is a video series where scientific experts demystify the science behind healthier food.