On-Demand Webinar – Postbiotics in Focus

Published on: Jun 19 2024

Deep dive into the world of biotics and the microbiome. This webinar looks to explore the science behind postbiotics, along with the potential role postbiotics can play as a vehicle to meet consumer needs in not only digestive health, but beyond this to other areas of consumer interest, such as immune and cognitive health.

The surge in interest around postbiotics is not just a trend—it’s a response to the incredible body of research and patent filings that have emerged in recent years. With more and more people seeking to age gracefully while staying fit and alert, the connection between different health systems has become more important than ever. Postbiotics, with their unique role in modulating the microbiome, offer a promising avenue to explore these intricate links.

Join key experts in this ever-emerging field as they take you on a journey through the postbiotic continuum, explaining what sets postbiotics apart from other biotics and how they can be harnessed to improve not only gut health but also other critical systems in the body. You’ll hear about the latest studies and findings that are driving this excitement, gaining insights into how postbiotics might benefit you.

Our Experts:

Colin Hill, Ph.D. – Professor in the School of Microbiology, University College Cork

Colin Hill has a Ph.D in molecular microbiology and is a Professor in the School of Microbiology at University College Cork, Ireland. He is also a founding Principal Investigator in APC Microbiome Ireland, a large research centre of over 300 scientists devoted to the study of the role of the gut microbiota in health and disease. He is particularly interested in the effects of bacteriocins and bacteriophage on community structure and function. He has published more than 625 papers and holds 25 patents. In 2009 he was elected as a Member in the Royal Irish Academy. In 2010 he became a Fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology and in 2010 he was awarded the Elie Metchnikoff Prize for Microbiology. More than 75 PhD students have been trained in his laboratory.

Paul Vos, Ph.D. – Senior Researcher and Expertise Leader Nutrition Quality & Health, Wageningen University & Research

Paul Vos is Senior Researcher and Expertise Leader Nutrition Quality & Health at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (part of Wageningen University & Research). The Nutrition Quality & Health team focuses on in vitro research in relation to gut health, digestion, fermentation and gut-immune interactions, connecting directly with human studies and working across disciplines. Paul also coordinates the EU GIANT LEAPS project that focuses on filling knowledge gaps in relation to alternative proteins across health and sustainability domains. Before joining WUR, he has worked in industry R&D and not-for-profit organization Access To Nutrition Initiative. He has a background in biology, holds a PhD in food immunology and has a broad interest in contributing to healthier diets and a more sustainable food system.

Sonja Nodland, Ph.D. – RDA Senior Manager – Immune and Joint Health, Kerry

Sonja Nodland, PhD is Senior RDA Manager for Immune and Joint Health at Kerry. She conducted her graduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Minnesota studying both the molecular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis and cancer biology. After finishing her postdoctoral research at the University of Minnesota in basic human developmental immunology she joined a pharmaceutical startup company to combine her scientific interests in immunology and the health effects of microbial products on the human immune system. Her current scientific interests are related to the intersection of plant-based nutrition, the microbiome and human immune health.

Mollie Mulligan – Marketing Executive, Kerry

Mollie is a marketing executive on Kerry’s Global ProActive Health Marketing team for immune health. She holds an MSc in Insight & Innovation from Dublin City University, a BSc in Human Nutrition from University College Dublin and is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). Mollie has a passion for all thing’s food, health and wellness having previously worked as a nutritionist prior to joining Kerry.

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